Soul Realignment - A fresh approach to life coaching

Having spent half my life exploring personal and professional development and earning my living through training, counselling and coaching, I found myself looking for a fresh approach. I wanted something that went deeper, combining spirituality with practical common sense that made a difference.

I found this in Soul Realignment: this has challenged my thinking, given me a new way of looking at life's choices, attracting abundance and clearing debris from the past.

I recommend this journey to anyone who is wanting to understand more about who they truly are, how they can clear past choices that do not serve them and fully enjoy their own potential.

Soul  Realignment

A Process that identifies the talents and gifts you brought with you, where you came from and information about your unique soul blueprint.

Would you like clarity about your purpose?
Would you like more available energy?
Would you like to understand any damage you've collected to your soul level blueprint and  be able to clear that damage?

Soul Realignment offers awaremess of who we truly are at soul level, how to clear any damage we have, and the choices we can make to attract abundance into our lives.

The wisdom available through this process comes from the Akashic records: this is data stored at the fifth dimension, rather like an internet resource about all the lives we have lived on earth. Astrologists, many scientists and psychics are talking about the shift the earth is currently going through. It's being called 'the great awakening' where the planet is moving from 3D to 5D, and many humans are experiencing a similar shift.

How do we navigate these dimensions? And what are they anyway?

3D level is about our physical existence; from this perspective 'You are what you eat!' This is useful as it can encourage us to learn how to nourish and nurture our bodies.

4D is the domain of left brain activity and the ego. These are invaluable servants but disastrous masters. Here 'You are what you think' describes the perspective and encourages us to master the power of language.

A 5D perspective is 'You are a Divine being having a human experience'.
This is the domain of vision and inspiration, out of body experience, creativity, miracles and bliss.

Moving into 5D, we don't lose the other dimensions, they are part of our human experience; we can develop an approach that helps us manage and enjoy these; in fact, we become the fully fledged human being we are meant to be.

If you answered YES to any of the original questions, you can benefit from a Soul Realignment reading. Working face to face in Lincoln UK, or globally on Zoom or Skype, I would be delighted to work with you.
Contact mobile: (+44) 07486 313461.

Requirements from you:
1.  Your full name, name at birth, place and date of birth
2.  An intention: some change you want to experience in your life in the next six months
3.  Fee: £120 per session, usually 90 mins to 2 hours; payable via Paypal.
Discounts are negotiable for unwaged or low income applicants.
I can usually give a reading within a week to 10 days following a booking.

There is a small amount of homework which helps to integrate any changes. If you seriously want to bring about change, be prepared to be surprised how well this process works!

To quote John Overdurf, my favourite NLP trainer, 'No matter what you think you are, You are  all ways  more than that!'

Life coaching and what it can achieve:

The human mind has an amazing ability to bring about what it focuses on. Due to archaic programming, we can end up with outcomes we don't want rather than creating what we really desire, simply through the amount of time and energy we give to negative experiences. It is possible to change this and enjoy different results.

Coaching can support you to clarify what you do want and learn to give it sufficient focus. A clear intention backed up by positive emotions and appropriate action can bring abut miraculous changes.

Make this year the year you make that change!

Beryl Lyndley MA NLP Master Trainer

If I were to wish for anything, I should not wish for wealth and power, but for the passionate sense of potential – for the eye which, ever young and ardent, sees the potential.” Soren Kierkegaard

Beryl has over 40 years experience of working with individuals and groups, supporting their growth and development. She has training in a wide range of therapeutic models and alternative healing arts, including Transactional Analysis, EFT, Quantum Touch, Vortex healing and Hawaiian Huna. She has a National Training award for her work with a Health Trust and is co-author of the highly successful book NLP in 21 Days (ISBN: 0-7499-1829-2). Beryl has recently qualified as a Soul Realignment Practitioner.

Booking a session

Its easy to book a session with Beryl in person, via Zoom or via Skype
By phone: +44 (0)7486 313461
By email:
Sessions usually last an hour but may take up to 1.5hours.
Cost is £80.00 per session payable via Paypal.
Discounts are negotiable for unwaged or low income applicants.


Client Reviews

Beryl has been an invaluable beacon of light in my life. She has an extraordinary balanced view of the world that has kept me calm when I may have otherwise been rash. I can't thank her enough for her positive influence.
EW Motivator and Healer

Beryl has an amazing ability to bring about positive changes to one's perspectives, eliminating self-limiting beliefs and opening up a whole new world. She is simply the most inspiring teacher I have ever met'
CP University Student Counsellor

I have had the privilege of working with Beryl for a good few years, involved with various programmes for personal development. She facilitates brilliantly and helps people through a journey of many challenges.
GJ Business Owner

I have worked with Beryl for over 30 years and have been inspired by her commitment to helping people achieve their full potential.  Before Life Coaching became fashionable Beryl was already providing it for my management teams enabling them to achieve previously unbelievable results in the NHS. Epitomising a continual leaner in life herself she is an ideal coach for people at every stage in life, with the experience and scars to prove it.  With her range of skills, knowledge and openness to help people in ways that match their needs she is in a class of her own.
RB Management consultant



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